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Year 6 Day 185 7:35
Torchun Pawen
Torchun Pawen
How do you build a tutorial NPC?

Year 6 Day 185 9:03
Only way to purchase NPCs (all NPCs) is to go to your NPC inventory, then click the Purchase NPCs button at the top.

Year 6 Day 185 12:02
Torchun Pawen
Torchun Pawen
I mean those that teach you stuff. I know about the screen,
but it dosen't say in NPC Class Selection:Tutorial

Year 6 Day 185 12:05
I believe only faction leaders or someone with sufficient privs can purchase those. The only NPCs you can buy are those which you are able to select from that drop-down box.

However, Tutorial NPCs are already found in all starting cities so there's no need for you to purchase your own.

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Year 6 Day 196 10:00

how long does it take for the email to come, i sent my form thing, got a reply but there was somthing wrong, so i did it agen, and its taking ages. i would have started a new topic but not much point for a small question like this

Year 6 Day 196 14:56
24 hours is standard


Year 6 Day 198 7:56
Vorvak Shod
Vorvak Shod
I got my reply really fast but was banned?????? and have to route through another screen. I was wandering around gand starting place.

Edited By: Vorvak Shod on Year 6 Day 198 7:59
Year 6 Day 198 8:28

24 HOURS??? just for them to tell you tht your name needs changing for the fourth time,thts ages

Year 6 Day 198 8:30
Vorvak, please post your problem only in one thread, and then please make a new thread and don't post in other people's threads. i have already given an answer in your own thread.


Year 6 Day 198 12:24
It's because they do all this in their spare time. If your handle keeps getting rejected, try something better.

Firstname Lastname. Don't try to copy canon characters or anything like that.


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