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Year 8 Day 201 17:56
RHAThas nothing to do with SWC and has nothing to with Trent's compedia, that was the wrong type of words to say are THAT dense? must be, you can't tell the difference Karl/Wilhelm hmm??? or you blind??, I hate to tell you but it made me feel good to threaten them and they deserved it and SWV has gay/stupid people in it anyway, but going back to the Trent thing...oh and one other thing, you can forget about our ooc friendship, cause we're through....seeing as you said that to me, actually maybe we were "friends" aka friend/enemy thing.

Anyway, I willl do what I want when I want I am not a OOC Military brat for nothing >:D, you are still lieing through your teeth their ROOOMA/Ismaaay.

To Ridley: I have been told about the IPs and he has denied that, "Oh it's not my IP it belongs to someone else" oh pahlease spare me.

Back to Karl/Wilhelm: Your are hiding something, and you know what? maybe I should take offense to what you said in your 1st paragraph and take that up with the admins hmm??? and I never said or thought my friends can do no wrong, so don't go about putting words in my mouth or words in my head? maybe I should say for your mouth and mind "Haha, they don't know I am really lieing, such fools".

I am sure you won't appriciate that hmm?? I could careless about your side of the story NAO is on my list of enemies anyway, so when the day combat comes around, count me me to be fighting NAO and I hope sheer victory comes to me *cackles evilly* One diss after another eh Wilhelm, you diss me I diss you >:D

Year 8 Day 201 18:11
You're truly psychotic and each time you post, you merely prove it to everyone. I do enjoy how you use gay as an insult, btw.

Karl/Wilhelm has nothing to do with Out Of Character. You don't really seem to grasp, do you? Gretchen/Yikkie/whoever wasn't threatening members of a game. Leticia was. Just like right now, Leticia is lacking any and all ability to separate in character and out of character events.

You've yet to prove I've lied about anything. What did I lie about, hmm?

Who was lying about IPs? Are you so dense that you lack comprehension of the English language? I said IPs change. That's it. Perhaps instead of trying to type within something you know absolutely nothing about, you READ the comments before you decide to interject?

You've just admitted to the Admins here that you've threatened people who, shocker, are also SWC members. Please, think before you continue.



Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 201 18:22
reality check here, LOOK who has moved on from swv George, I haven't thought about it in the past months, and LOOK who hasn't moved on from the past happenings, how sad are you?, you need help cause you can't move on from that and still talk about it, I haven't mentioned about swv in a loooooong time, soo pathetic you are, sounds like you are more upset about this than I am, I am just laughing at the whole situation.

Either way IC or OOC we're enemies. Oh and if you want to talk any further instead of flooded this thing with non swc stuff, there is always msn/yahoo

Edited By: Gretchen O`hara on Year 8 Day 201 18:27
Year 8 Day 201 18:37
Sure you are Sunny. Sure you are.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 201 18:39
Almar Zamasee
Almar Zamasee
Gretchen, your contribution to this thread is trivial, why you're even in here posting baffles me, maybe a quick course about proper posting is needed.

1). Is my post going to contribute to the thread in any other way than having it become a flame thread? If yes, post. if not, do us all a favour and shut up.



Year 8 Day 201 18:54
hmm? Almar? what was that? *snickers* and look Wilhelm I HAVE LOTS of proof, lots of people who can prove to you that I haven't, lets see....wasn't it YOU? that brought up the subject, hiding behind a foolish face have you? the one who brings up the past of SWV 1st is the one who can't let it go, and seeing it was you who brought up the past happenings George, don't try to fool yourself, you just say things to get it started, I can mention it to Saalia, I can mention it to josh I can mentioned it about anyone who talks to me or I talk to them and they can tell you that I haven't talked about SWV, you are the one lingering in the past Roma, NOT me and there is a chicken behind that face of yours "bauk bauk" Heck, I can talk to Aries about it, heck I can even mention it to the whole Kathol channel, and outback channel and tere would be my proof right there, who cares if they didn't know what it is, it's proof either way. so HA! >:D

Year 8 Day 201 18:59
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 201 19:00
Almar Zamasee
Almar Zamasee
Gretchen, my point is, your posts are not on topic nor are they of any comical value, I think it would be best if you would just refrain from posting, just a suggestion.



Year 8 Day 201 19:38
Private channels, kids. Keep the flaming and the hijacking out of the Problem Centre.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 8 Day 202 6:12
surpsinigly i woud disagree with lamar. The posts are actually of comical value to myself just for being sily. Oh and can we at least keep to the combine universe guys? One is quite enough for me. Just IMO but wilhelm hasnt actually done anything wrong. Gretchen, if you have proof please post it, otherwsie if you had all the evidence in the universe you cant prove it.

Until then. it appears to simply be a no win case for trent/ shine/ anyone else who claims he should be banned. Please note i am being impartial, you know, innocent until proven guilty.


Grand Admiral Grev'endar'togl
Empire of the Hand
Aliit Ar'Klim
Year 8 Day 202 16:05
I have to agree with the voices of reason in this thread - stop the flaming. It isn't big and it isn't clever. Separating IC and OOC is a problem for many people in the Combine, and sometimes we all slip up. However, we should all make a really good attempt to separate the different RP universes/games we participate in, and our own real lives. It worries me to think that I could annoy someone in the Combine ICly, then receive threats from them in RL. It's taking it a bit far, really.

Also, the problem centre is hardly an area for diplomatic discussions/declarations. I apologise if this post wasn't entirely related to the original content of the thread, but it seems prudent to try to extinguish the flames, at least until the administration complete their investigation. At which point, people can flame away (privately) if it satisfies their whims.



Year 8 Day 202 22:57
My head hurts...

Weren't we talking about Wilhelm/Trent? Where does this Gretchen person come into the debate?


Adam comes home from a hard day at work and upon opening the door he sees his wife kaylynn dressed very sexy in some lingerie. Kaylynn says \"take me to bed and tie me up and you can do whatever you like!\"

So Adam takes her to bed, ties her to it and t
Year 8 Day 203 6:09
I am closing this for obvious reason, its not an discussion/flame thread. Any decisions made by admin/staff will be relayed to the concerned parties and if needed announced on simnews.


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