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Year 8 Day 203 18:07
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
I am curious to know if there is an event letting the pilot of a ship know if they have been tractored.

The owner of the ship decided to tractor me into another ship. I find out from using irc but on swc there are no event in rooms nor anyway to get into cockpit view.

Year 8 Day 203 22:06
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
If you are being tractored, isn't it obvious?

Year 8 Day 203 23:14
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
no not when you cant get into cockpit view. no events no sign of entry nor reassignment of the ship no ship event, no idea of where I am other than being in cockpit position as a passenger. Even though I was pilot.

Year 8 Day 203 23:16
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
Wait a sec ... If you are a pilot, you can get in the cockpit view and see that your ship is docked. Unless you have actually been unassigned as pilot.

Year 8 Day 204 0:48
The big docked image and the fact you can click undocked if your still a pilot kind of gives it away, as does being able to unboard the ship when your supposed to be in space if your not even assigned it.

On a side note if you try to tractor a vehicle without having a hanger bay to put it in you get told you can't because you don't have a docking bay. If anyone wants to bug report that feel free.

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Year 8 Day 204 4:19
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
Ive been told I been unassigned as pilot, but shouldnt an event say that?

As for docking I dont think I am in a ship but can see two ships I can enter.

I just feel that some sort of event that tells you are being tractored, like the Tantive IV with ISD, you sure heard what was happening even though you did not have cockpit view.

Year 8 Day 204 4:23
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
So, what do you want to see?

"You felt the ship shudder for a moment, then all went quiet?"

Year 8 Day 204 6:04
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
all Im asking is why there isnt any event in swc?
why do I just get kicked out of cockpit.

no I didnt hear anything for there was no frigging idea in the game. Riax you not really helping, at least Ralgarrch said something constructive.

I was Pilot of a ship not owned by me. I had access to cockpit view, then suddenly Im a passenger. No explanation. nothing.

I had to go through someone else on irc to find out that I was unassigned by owner.

I have never been or tried tractoring, so do not know what it it does to those in a ship being dragged.

I just find it odd such an event did not come up. I am not sure if it is a bug.

Edited By: Deakon Jarvis on Year 8 Day 204 6:11
Year 8 Day 204 6:11
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
You have been kicked out of the cockpit, because the ship owner or commander has unassigned the ship from you. That's easy.

And you should get an event about that. Not sure, if general events, or inventory.

Edited By: Riax Tardes on Year 8 Day 204 6:12
Year 8 Day 204 7:47
There are two ways you could have lost pilot ability:

1. The person went to inventory, and selected to Unassign the ship. This would send you an event.

2. The person went to inventory and assigned a new pilot for the ship. This will NOT send you an event.

If you were pilot, there should have been a ship event for being tractored, as I recall. However, passengers typically get no information or ship events without asking the pilot, so in that regard you're SOL, I'm afraid.

Now, overall, it sounds as if the ship owner is suddenly out to screw you over. Do you have your next Handle picked out, already? If not, it might be a good time to think about it.


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Year 8 Day 204 12:59
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
Do you have your next Handle picked out, already? If not, it might be a good time to think about it. 

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Year 8 Day 204 14:38
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
No Im not dead, Im lucky to be with reliable and communicative players.

I just find that it was very odd that changing pilots doesnt send an event like being unassigned. I was in theory the pilot in the cockpit view, so I should get an event of change. If I was passenger I wouldnt of got it. The pilot assigned never boarded. just tractored me to a dock and now in a new coords.
so in theory two events occurred.
-unassigned as pilot and replaced by another.
-tractor beamed ship (I understand not seeing event due not being pilot)

Year 8 Day 204 19:16
If you would like to see this feature changed, go to the suggestions forum.


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