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Year 8 Day 204 7:41

A few weeks ago I tried to make an account using my old school mail, but it turns out it has a problem of some kind, and so does not work. So instead I now tried to make a new one, with my father's work mail, but I did not get the mail that is suposed to activate the account. I was wondering if this had somthing to do with this being my seckond request from the same computer, and if so it would be possible to delete the first account (which I can not access)?

Year 8 Day 204 7:47
No, something like that would not prevent you from receiving the acceptance or rejection e-mail. It is more likely either that you misspelled the e-mail address the second time, or that it is blocking or deleting the e-mails as spam, as a number of e-mail providers are known to do that. You can follow the instructions in the "Problem: I haven't received my password!" thread to have it re-sent and to narrow down the cause of the problem.

Only one existing account displays for your IP address, so if you feel you may have a second account you need to provide the handles or e-mail addresses with which you have attempted to register, both previously and recently.

Year 9 Day 37 10:22

I completely mucked up the details about me when I made my account and now it won't let me make a new account or delete the old one.
This is really putting me off the blasted game.

Year 9 Day 37 10:57
I don't see how the game is responsible for you making mistakes.

If you have the wrong e-mail address listed, you can request it to be changed by posting the correct one here. I'm not sure what else you could have messed up.


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Year 9 Day 37 18:24
Please start a separate thread for your own problem rather than sidetracking other's threads.