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Year 8 Day 210 7:21
Atoris Ligauten
Atoris Ligauten
I have a question regarding the movement of arrested characters:

Player 1 gets arrested by Player 2. Player 2 adds the arrest to his party and moves him around. When Player 2 now gets arrested and killed by Player 3, Player 3 can add Player 1 to his party (or Player 1 is added automatically to Player 3's party, I'm not sure) and move him arround.
Is it ment to be this way or is this a kind of bug?

Year 8 Day 210 7:57
Adding Player 2 to Player 3's party will automatically bring Player 2's party with them.

So yes, arresting Player 2 and adding them to your party will add any people THEY have arrested and in their party into your party also.

That is the way it's supposed to be working. Whether that was the original intention, or if it makes much sense, is completely another question.


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