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Year 8 Day 215 23:30

Well, hello. I'm trying to register for the game, but the name I selected, 'Ryan Archer' is being rejected. Could someone enlighten me as to why?

Year 8 Day 215 23:47
If you are entering it as you said, starting with capital letters, there is no reason it should be rejected, and the most likely cause is that the script can be a bit buggy and has been known to reject handles that are too similar to an existing handle. You can try modifying the first or last name a bit and it may accept it that way.

The dev team leader is currently on vacation for a few days but I will point him this way when he returns; perhaps he can do some tweaking to loosen the restrictions a bit.



Year 8 Day 216 0:05

I ended up using a different name, 'Cortez Lecato', for the signup. But I'm wondering as to why my first choice wasn't accepted. It's not really important to me, I'm just glad I was finally able to join. Still, it's interesting.

Year 8 Day 216 0:12
From the Character creation section of the rules page:

You may not have a handle that closely resembles that of another player

There is probably an existing user with a similar handle, which is causing the script to reject it.

Year 8 Day 216 0:25

It's all cool.

Year 8 Day 216 0:54

I told my friend about the site too, and he is going to join using the same last name, 'Lecato'. We're planning on playing as brothers.