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Hello Combine.
I have applied and so has my brother. The issue we are having is this.
The combine does not honor or recognize free email accounts for membership.
This is not a problem for myself or others.
The email we have recieved states you do not allow private domain email to join unless it is webmaster or admin.

I am the webmaster and owner of the domain. This domain was opened for the pupose of my family whom is scattered around America. My domain is public and friendly to all ages including children the only pages in it are for my own Photography and my Runescape fansite and clan.

My brother and I both being over 18 and myself well over that were searching for a space based game we could enjoy. When I found the Combine.

I would hate to see us lose out on a great game and something we both can contribute too. As I work with Java, PHP, HTML, XHTML all as a hoby. Also I am able to write. Both of us have a lot of time on our hands and find gamming to be our hobby.

Please respond to me, as I would like to work this out. I will give you both email addresses that would be used and find a way to work this out. I also have teenage children who could possibly be interested in playing.

Thank You.
Bruce Thibodeau
Owner or

Can you not create webmaster@ or admin@ or info@ with your domain?

If not what is wrong with the email address provided by your internet provider (

The email address only needs to be entered in to receive the password, then after you have logged in you enter in a contact address for your character.



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just seent hat and explained it thank you for fast response and apologize for my slow reading.

We will both be trying again.
Thank you