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Year 8 Day 221 19:09
Templeton Peck
Templeton Peck
I was just reading the rules and I found the galaxy-search thingy that I now love. Then I decided to just for fun, search for all non-inhabited comets not controlled by
a government. And I found that all comets have a glacier terrain on them.
So then I realized that you'd have to have an artic survivall suit and helmet to survive on a comet. But I know that comets don't have a (breathable) atmosphere,
so you'd need a breathing mask to survive on a comet as well. But the artic survival helmet and breathing mask both go on the head slot, and you can only have one thing on the head slot at a time. But you need the artic survival suit and helmet for it to protect you from glacier terrain. So what would you do to survive on a comet, and is that also the reason that no comets are controlled by a government?

Year 8 Day 221 19:34
Atmospheres are not yet implemented, so at the moment you can still place cities and facilities anywhere you can land, regardless of atmosphere. Once it is implemented, the rules will be updated accordingly with all of the necessary information.



Year 8 Day 221 20:44
It has been suggested by various people to add additional slots (for example, an armour slot and a helmet slot) to allow the wearing of a breathing mask with a helmet, for a variety of reasons. However, no final decision on the subject was ever made.

Probably the reason no comets are controlled is because small "planets" like those aren't really worth colonising, for most people.


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Year 8 Day 222 7:33
Templeton Peck
Templeton Peck
Ok cool, thanks.
That also explains why one of my freinds was on a planet with a cold, toxic atmosphere without breathing equipment and is still alive today.
But I also noticed that in the system where the comet is, that all of the planets
on the planet list are listed as "hot, breathable atmosphere" or "cold, toxic atmosphere". But comets are just listed as."comet". But comets do have an atmosphere but it's nothing but toxic gases like methane and helium that come up from the surface as it melts (comets are made of dirt and ice) from nearing the sun. Then, once the comet gets farther from the sun the comet stops melting and
the gases stop escaping and then there's no atmosphere at all. Speaking of wich,
chek out my other post regarding comets here:
I couldn't get the link to work so just copy-paste it into the URL window and hit ENTER.

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Year 8 Day 222 16:44
If you are looking for scientific accuracy, you won't find it in Star Wars, much less in an online simulation based on the Star Wars universe (particularly considering the severe limitations imposed by such a simulation; most features are greatly simplified here to allow for playability and balance). If you encounter something you find rather game-breaking you can make a post in the Suggestions forum for further discussion, but this is not the place for it.