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Year 8 Day 223 5:20
Ok, my brother wants to start an account on SWC, but I don't want to get banned, and he doesn't want to get me banned because of the multi-account rules. The multi rules aren't as clear as I had hoped. Do I have to register as a multi-account i.e. send the e-mail before or after he joins the combine, as I can't work out which it is from the rules page.

Also, we may have a problem with non-free e-mails, as he intended to use his school e-mail account but he can't access it from home at the moment so he thinks it may have been deleted since he has now left. I am assuming that even in this situation he would not be allowed to use, say, my college e-mail address (which is still active) temporarily to join before reverting to a free e-mail address afterwards?

Year 8 Day 223 6:39
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Year 8 Day 223 7:46
If you have not used your college email address already to sign up with, then yes he can use it.

When he signs up, there is a spot to put your character name. Also at the same time it is good to send the email from the both of you.

One way of spotting a fake multi, is by the way they speak (type)



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Year 8 Day 223 13:13
If you use the multi field on the join form, please don't send an e-mail as it is redundant and I delete it. If, after the other account has been approved, you still do not display as multis in your Account Settings, then you should e-mail the handles to to have them registered. Normally, however, no e-mail should be required.

Year 8 Day 226 4:48
Ok, so he can use my college e-mail, thanks, Ranma, but Syn, that wasn't very clear about the e-mail. How can no e-mail be required if the only way of registering multi-accounts is by e-mail? If he says he is a multi on the join form, how does that work? Surely he would need me to say I am a multi or something as well as him? Or can he say that we are both multis just on his join form so I don't have to do anything?

Year 8 Day 226 5:11
Nobody said the only way to register a multi is via e-mail - it isn't. Adding the other individual's name to the join form is the primary way, and you will be registered as multis at the time that the second account is approved. This change is reflected in your Account Settings, so you can keep an eye on it to ensure the status remains as you desire, and that both of you are following the faction rule.

If he enters your handle into the multi field of the join form, you do not need to do anything additional to register as multis unless, after his account is approved, you do not appear as registered multis in your Account Settings for some reason. If that is the case, then you must e-mail.

Year 8 Day 227 6:26
Ah, I see now. Thanks Syn, thats a great help. And don't worry, we will follow the faction rule very closely. Although I must admit it would have been easier if that was actually down in the multi-account rules, which it isnt (hint to rules team).

Year 8 Day 227 13:03

Players who are sharing a connection must all be members of the same faction or one or all may be freelancers. 

It's even bolded. :P

Unless you refer to the update regarding where the handle is entered which is actually a fairly recent change and isn't terribly important either way. As long as the handle is entered, considering it's a field on the join form, the worst case scenario is that I receive an e-mail I disregard.

Edited By: Syn on Year 8 Day 227 13:04