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Year 6 Day 192 3:59
If I join a PCs party, and the leader of that party goes somehwere I can't, is it possible for me or another PC in that party to gain control of it?


Year 6 Day 192 4:17
go somewhere you can´t? as in entering a location that can´t hold all party members?

and don´t think its possible for another PC to take over the party he is in might be wrong though.

***wanders off to read party rules***


Year 6 Day 192 4:18

Edited By: Tyr DeMeer on Year 6 Day 192 4:19

Year 6 Day 194 5:38

Turns out the party was made over.

Got another question. People keep teling me about the "auto join" option, and suggest that that's how I ended up in someone elses party against my will. I've never heard of the "Auto join" option and I couldn't find it in the rules.

Being under arrest, I can't check and see. Is there an "auto join" option that lets other players add you to their parties? If so, it shold be added tothe rules,and set to "no" by default.


Year 6 Day 194 7:11
I thought it was set to no automatically.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 6 Day 194 12:24
If you're under arrest, you can be automatically added to a party

If you're not under arrest, you can't - the feature is only whether *they* can join *your* party, not vice-versa


Year 6 Day 197 17:50

Folks keep telling me that I ended up in Wilhelms party becasue I had my "auto join" thingo set to yes. I don't remember ever touching my party features, and I had no idea that there was a feature that let other poeple make you join their party.

So, there isn't one, unless your under arrest. I don't feel so stupid now.