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Archives » Droids Cargo V's Passenger is this a bug?
Eshaar Gnor
Eshaar Gnor
I know that when droids first hit the production lines there was many a discussion about these little mechanical marvels & wether they should be considered as cargo or passengers on your ships or in your facilities. As I understand it the conclusion was that in the end when they are properly programed that they will be passengers when activated & travel as cargo when de-activated. Now please correct me if that is wrong.

However in the mean time it appears that an active droid (one not in a cargo container) is presently occupying both. I have several droids in my party & no other crago on my ship & yet there is a portion of the cargo bay consumed & that amount happens to equal the weight & volume of the droids I have.

What I would like to know is if this is a bug or something that was simply overlooked? I placed this question & a suggested fix in the suggestions forum but was told thaw was not the place for it so I ask it again here,

Aye, 'active' droids currently count as passengers and cargo. It's half bug and half "we don't know what to do yet". There's an issue open on the Bug Base regarding it.


Kids these days!
Eshaar Gnor
Eshaar Gnor
Thanks for the heads up Khan.

I am no programmer & have little clue how it might work but here is my simple solution for what it is worth.

Is it possible for droids to move between lists? What I mean is would it be possible for them to be in your NPC list when active & your 'droid' list when de-actovated?

Now as I said I have no clue how the program works & this may be just impossible, but to a simple man like myself id seems logical. After all NPC's are passengers only & if you made Droids in the 'droid list' cargo only then it would seem to resolve the issue? Perhaps it could be a transparant system where the 'droid' lis was split into 2 sections, active & non-active.

In that way the system could see the droids in the 'active' list as passengers just as it does everything in the NPC list & of course it would see droids in the non-active list as cargo. Perhaps the lists could be managed much like assigning ships/vehicles in that if a droid is assigned to a player then it is active & if unassigned it is non-active. This may indeed resolve many of the issues arround Droids & the activation/de-activation of them.

Again this is just my simple suggestion & perhaps it is completely impractical or unachievable I'll leave that to more knowledgable people to work out.

There aren't lists per se it's just the way the code reacts when there is a droid entity present in a room in the ship, vehicle, etc. I've found the bug dealing with it: http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=7947

I would assume in the future that deactivating droids would be a way of moving them between the two metaphorical lists taking up either passenger or cargo space. Anyway, take a look at the comments in the bug and see what you think.


Kids these days!
Eshaar Gnor
Eshaar Gnor
Thank mate

No worries.


Kids these days!