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Year 8 Day 238 11:33
Ryndo Fotham
Ryndo Fotham
I'm on the planet Thantus, in the city of Calabria. I exited the Command Centre, walked around for a while, and now I can't figure out how to get back into the Command Centre. Is there a specific spot I need to get to to enter it? I don't understand why I can't enter it from locations around it.

and yes, I know about the "Enter" button. I get near the building, and try the "Enter" button, but it doesn't work.

Maybe it's because I quit the Antarian Rangers faction. Would that mean I can't re-enter their command center?

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Year 8 Day 238 12:29
They may have taken you off the crewlist.


Year 8 Day 238 13:09
Ryndo Fotham
Ryndo Fotham
So when/if I join another faction, how would I get off the planet?

Year 8 Day 238 14:14
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
If you join another faction then they should send somebody to pick you up. Alternatively you can use CP's to purchase a ship and fly yourself about.

Year 8 Day 238 21:43
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
The command center is probably open to faction only.

But entering it wouldn't help you with getting off planet. The trick only works once.

Year 8 Day 239 16:51
Ryndo Fotham
Ryndo Fotham
Thanks for the replies. I decided to join The New Republic, but their website is down and I don't think I can ask for a transport until I register on the New Republic website. :(

Year 8 Day 239 22:24
If you have IRC, they have a chatroom there. #cmg-new-republic is the public channel, and they should be able to give you access to their private channel.

You will probably also receive a welcome message upon joining the faction which will give you further information and hopefully will let you know who to contact.