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Year 8 Day 244 9:33

Hi all,

I registered 29/7 and i understand i must practise patience.
But now it is 1/8 and i hope nothing went wrong.
I tried the lost password thing but it said account not activated.
Is it only a matter of waiting?


Year 8 Day 244 14:09
Yes, usually it is a matter of waiting. The game gets around 100 applicants a day and it takes the admins a lot of time to wade through each one and make sure they are not breaking any of the rules.

Speaking of rules, if you haven't already, I would encourage you to read as many rules as your brain can handle, it'll pay off in dividends once you really do start playing.

Good luck, and welcome to the Combine!


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Year 8 Day 246 0:56

I have made an freighter index and a stat matrix and read the rules several times, but in the meantime it is 3/8 and i'm waiting for 5 days
You sure nothing went wrong?


Year 8 Day 246 1:30
I have just processed all current join requests. If you didn't get an email by now, please check your account status by using the Lost Password feature. If your handle doesn't exist, please feel free to sign up again.


Year 8 Day 246 9:20

Password recieved
Thank you


Year 8 Day 261 8:08

Hello. Isent in my application 2 days ago and don't have password. I tried th lost password trick and i said to cheack my E-mail. So I did and i never got the E-mail. Did something go wrong?

Year 8 Day 261 8:36
The email containing the password was most likely blocked by your email service. This could be for several reasons, the most common one is that it's blocked by your email service's spam filter. Please make sure emails from @swcombine.com aren't blocked (e.g. put them onto a whitelist) or contact your email service provider for more information.


Year 8 Day 261 18:14
Assuming you are the same person who opened a new topic, no need to post the same problem in multiple places; it only creates more work for us.