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Year 8 Day 247 23:08
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
I never dock into a capital ship, mainly because I have no need to. I can't pilot them as a Sanyassan Marauder. I do, however, own a capital ship that is piloted by another. For some reason I can't seem to dock within it. There is room, but I am not given to option to. I can walk into it by leaving my ship, but I can't dock within. Advice?

By the way, this is a YT-1210 into a Bayonett. The Bayo is mostly empty. It holds a T-Wing and a Koro-2.

Bayos hold 8,500 m3. The YT-1210 is 5480m3. The T-Wing is 425 m3 and the Koro-2 is 18m3. Weight shouldn't be a problem either.

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Year 8 Day 248 4:25
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
Just a thought but it may be because you are not assigned as pilot of both ships. To get around ths can you get the yt1210 added as an authorised ship to dock? Not sure if you can do it yourself as owner, not in the cockpit, but i assume you can.