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Archives » Problem: Email Unaccepted
Year 8 Day 248 3:33

I recently applied for this website using my @linkinpark.com email address, and was quite distressed to learn that the email address that costs me $30 a year doesn't count as a paid email. I understand that the rules say that unpaid email servers aren't welcome, but I am disappointed that decisions are not researched before hand to determine email addresses that are from free servers and emails that aren't.

The application was from adamilsley@linkinpark.com, if anyone feels like correcting such an awful mistake.

Year 8 Day 248 3:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
"Instead we allow ISP (Internet Service Provider), school, some work, and other paid e-mail addresses, and if you own a private domain you must use admin@yourdomain.com or webmaster@yourdomain.com."

I'm guessing that they consider this a private domain.


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Year 8 Day 248 3:45

Unfortunate for me then. I'll just wait and see if an Admin comes along and has something to say.

Year 8 Day 248 3:50
There is a good chance that they'll review your case and find your email address acceptable, I've seen it happen before.


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Year 8 Day 248 3:52

That's good to hear. That's what I'm hoping.

Year 8 Day 248 7:35
How can one get an address at linkinpark.com?
If there is a signup form/registration form, could you please provide a link to it? I couldn't find it when looking at that page.


Year 8 Day 248 9:28
After alot of wasted time, found the link Togan, www.lpunderground.com (on a completely different site)

I still think he should just use one of his many comcast email addresses.



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Year 8 Day 248 14:38

The comcast emails are my fathers and he doesn't want me using one. As for registration for an @linkinpark.com email, it comes with the $30 membership, so there isn't a registration form.

Year 8 Day 250 6:37

Any decisions made? Because at this point I don't really care anymore.

Year 8 Day 250 22:46
You seem to care enough to follow up on it. I would advise simply registering with that e-mail address again, and if any of the above who responded to you are the ones handling your join request they may remember this and approve it.