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Year 8 Day 251 7:14
Haken Qui-Xot
Haken Qui-Xot
hi, i started to play a few days ago, as an nautolan on planet Glee Anselm, and i want to get off the planet, but i,m stuck!

The tutorial NPC for getting off planet is not working (it doesn't say anything) and i don't have a clue how to get on a spaceship and leave the planet.

On top of that i can't go back in the Civic Center where i started the game, beacuse it sais it can't support any more passengers...i guess is because a lot of players started there than abandoned the caracter and the building is full!

Sorry if i posted in the wrong forum, but if anybody can help me i would apreciate it!

Year 8 Day 251 10:12
Join a faction and they'll usually assign you a ship and have someone pick you up from your homeworld. :)


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 252 10:35

yes i know about joining a faction, i was talking about a bug, the tutorial NPC about getting off planet is not working. when i want to talk with him the page is blank it doesn't say anything.

i wanted to explore the galaxy a little bit before joining any faction...

thanks for the reply anyway!

Year 8 Day 252 15:11
You can't without a ship and you can't get a ship without credits or, technically, Combine Points. As you're new, it's highly unlikely you have much of either and, with credits, you'd have to pay someone to bring the ship to you.

The easiest, fastest, and cheapest method of getting off planet is to join a faction.

By the way, are you sure the NPC wasn't working entirely, or was it just a result of the slowdown the server was experiencing?


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 253 7:07
Haken Qui-Xot
Haken Qui-Xot
no, i'm sure is not working!! i went there 2 times in the last 3 days and is blank...i tried to talk with him about 10 times, it works fine with the other NPCs...

the thing is i don't even know how much it costs to travel, but i'm colecting the CP points every 24 h! :))) that's all i've been doing since i started and is getting boring! a did this especially because i wanted to start as a freelance, all i'm asking is a fair chance to find out how to travel and how much it costs!

if it turns out that i can't handle alone i will join a faction...

Year 8 Day 253 8:51
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
I cant say anything regarding the travel NPC's but they can only move you between starting cities as a passenger.
It is unlikely you will find anything else to do on any other planet that you cant do on the one you are on now.

My suggestion would be to speak to a vehicle rental NPC and explore the starting planet while you are collecting CP's to buy your own ship. In the mean time check on the trading forums, and centrepoint websites etc and start looking for the items you can buy now, such as stocks and see if you can play the markets with investments. Entering Phryss's raffle (for those of us who are paupers) may also help you get a ship or money. Eventually you will get enough CP's to buy a yt-1210 to work effectively as a freelancer but in the meantime you will have earned enough XP to be able to be prepared for whatever skills you need in your chosen career.

You may also wish to visit the various public channels on IRC so you can get to know people who are in factions so you can decide if you would prefer to spend your SWC career as a freelancer or as a faction employee.

Year 8 Day 253 10:51
all i'm asking is a fair chance to find out how to travel and how much it costs! 

The issue here is that travel is free; you just need to have a ship to do it with. You can use the vehicle rental NPC as suggested and should be able to move around the planet with it for about 1000 credits as I recall, but to leave the planet you do need a ship.

That is one of the primary reasons it is unwise to start as a freelancer; factions assign ships to their members, arrange to pick them up, and pay salaries. If you do prefer to freelance, you might want to do so after you've already got a bit of money and a ship, because until you do there isn't much for you to do. The game is designed around factions intentionally.



Year 8 Day 253 15:47
Haken Qui-Xot
Haken Qui-Xot
thanks for the replies, i'll explore the planet a bit and most likely i will join a faction!