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Year 6 Day 195 12:07

I cant login for some reason.

My user is Adoy Aizeh.

i know my pass is right cuz its saved on my comp and it says my eamil isn't right.


Year 6 Day 195 14:32
Some possible solutions:

1. Try the Lost Password feature (again). Also remember that the password is case sensitive.
2. Clear your temporary files and cookies. In IE this is under
Tools->Internet Options.
3. Ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies.
4. Try requesting a new password (again) with the Lost Password feature.
5. If all else fails, you will almost definitely be able to log in with an
alternate browser, such as Firefox (



Year 6 Day 195 17:28

it cant be any of those, cuz my brother can still log in.

Year 6 Day 195 18:34
It can and is one of them, and I guarantee that, at the very least, logging on with Firefox will work for you. (;

SWC has a server-side problem preventing some accounts from logging on with IE. This seems to selectively affect certain accounts due to how the password is recognized by the server (or something.. I'm not a programmer, but you get the idea), and Firefox users do not encounter this problem at all. One of the programmers was able to track down the cause of it, but unfortunately no solution has been found.



Year 6 Day 195 19:17

hmm... ok thanks i will try that

Year 6 Day 196 6:21

right now i am using firefox and i still cant login.

my brother also said that it says on the multi thing in OOC that were in warning for being in different factions, but i'm not even spawned yet.

Year 6 Day 197 5:04
Can you mail your handle to please and 'll manually reset your password.


Kids these days!