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Year 8 Day 252 10:23
Templeton Peck
Templeton Peck
I'm having problem with the Darkness Messages:
When I have important information I need to remember, such as the URL to my avatar or my faction assignment, I somtimes send messages to myself so I can see it whenever I want. But the other day I logged in to find that half of the messages I sent to myself were GONE! At first I thought that I might have accedently deleted them. So no big deal. Then the next day I logged in and all the ones that were still there yesterday were GONE! So then I checked my sent messages thing to see if they were still there and they wern't.
And then I sent another message to myself so I could hit "reply" and scroll down to see the "History of messages exchanged with Templeton Peck". But they were GONE as well!!! And there is no way to delete that. Is there any possible way I can recover those messages?

Please help,
Templeton Peck.

Edited By: Templeton Peck on Year 8 Day 262 7:02
Year 8 Day 253 0:37
How long ago were they sent? Old messages are regularly purged from your Darkness inbox. Additionally, if they were sent three weeks ago or less I can look them up for you (you may want to provide an e-mail address to have them sent to in case they contain anything you'd rather not have public). If they were sent over three weeks ago a full admin should be able to track them down for you, but an estimate as to when they were sent would still save some time.

Year 8 Day 255 14:37
Templeton Peck
Templeton Peck
I don't really know how long they were sent.
But maybe about a little more than three weeks ago, perhaps a month.
But if they were less than three weeks ago they would be with some of the oldest messages. If you could look for me that would be nice.
My E-Mail is screwy right now so I can't provide an E-Mail.

But thanks alot.