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There are 7 skills concerning R&D in the game, but I couldn't find any materials concerning R&D in the rules. So I asked around what will R&D be about.

At first we all presumed that it will be a feature that will allow players to create datacards for new technologies(entities). But because of its unpredictable outcome, it will endanger the game-play.
So I was told that in order to be safe, R&D will be used only to modify(upgrade) existing entities.

I want to ask officially: will R&D be a feature to implement new technologies or modify the current?


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I have not heard that R&D will be limited solely to existing entities, but the exact mechanics are still being hotly debated. At the moment there isn't any truly conclusive information available; you may just need to wait until a set of rules has been made available. Until then, the information you hear about R&D will continue to vary, as it is still a very long way off.

Ganio Lank
Ganio Lank
Do we/anyone know what line of thought is being favoured for the future of R&D? Or is it literally at the drawing board stage?

It's not even at that stage yet.


Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
R&D is a revolving door. Teams of people have worked on it, created flawed but workable products that needed to be tested and improved, but instead got thrown onto the scrap heap for not being perfect.


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Karl Joll
Karl Joll
So basically what we all are looking at is the ablity to lets say take a Super Battle Droid and put whatever you want on it(up to certain restrictions of course)??

Basically what you all are looking at is that nobody knows what you're looking at.


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