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Archives » Problems to travel to my ship
Year 8 Day 273 1:22
Hello everyone, this is my first posting and my english isn't the best (my German is better), but I need help in the Combine.

I have purchased a ship but it is at a other position in the Galaxy. How can I get the ship to my Position or how can I use the shipcontrols to move it?

I'm not in a Faction and I don't want to get into one at this time. First i will learn the game then I can get into some Factionit. I don't want to be a burden for the Faction.

Thanks for help to everyone.:-)


Life Long and Prosper my friend...

Yours sincerely
Thorgal Legion
Year 8 Day 273 1:37
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
A ship doesn't move by itself. You'll have to get yourself to it, or hire someone else to bring it your way.

Year 8 Day 273 2:16
Ok sounds logical, thanks for the quik infomation. :-)
Where I can hire someone at the ships lokation? I don't know who is near by it and I can't see it? It is posible that a hired person can stolen my ship?

Thanks again for any Information.


Life Long and Prosper my friend...

Yours sincerely
Thorgal Legion
Year 8 Day 273 3:01
You have no way to know who is at the ship's location, but there is a Transportation section in the Classifieds you can take a look at, or you can choose to contact one of the Transportation factions. Either way you should be able to find someone who will either bring you to the ship or bring it to you (transporting ships tends to be more expensive than transporting people).

It is not possible for a ship to be stolen in that manner since you only assign it to the pilot rather than making it over, but it is possible for someone to dock it on board their ship and refuse to undock it, meaning you would have no way to gain access to it again. This usually does not happen unless you are high-profile or have a lot of enemies, so hopefully it is not a concern for you.

Year 8 Day 273 3:34
Ok, thank you very much. I look for the right Faction to do the Transport of myself or the dawn ship to me and then I can fly this ship, I hope this. Hopefull I don't get a ticket for false parking. :-)


Life Long and Prosper my friend...

Yours sincerely
Thorgal Legion