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Year 8 Day 288 15:55
Alina Diggins
Alina Diggins
anyway i recently purchased a hover tank from Henry Malum and he stated that it was unplaced. Syn directed me to post here to have it placed, if you need the id and such ill post it up or dm to you. Just wondering if anyone could help with this issue?


ID for the tank^^ and could you place it on my bayo, or just drop it off on any planet that is near corellia?

Sector: --
Galactic Position: (502, 502)
System Position: (502, 502)

location as of now^^ I beleive that means unplaced, but correct me if im wrong

Khan placed it for me, thanks Khan :)

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Year 8 Day 288 16:41
Talon Xor
Talon Xor
That doesn't mean the HT is unplaced. That just means is sitting somewhere in deep space (empty space, not the sector). When you are able to enter hyperspace, don't choose a system, just input (502, 502) and you'll be taken to it.

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Year 8 Day 288 16:43
Silas Haderach
Silas Haderach
Except that 502, 502 is off the map. You'd get a lovely

"Invalid Coordinates. Must be between -500 and 500.
- galX (502) is too large
- galY (502) is too large"

message for your trouble. You will have to have admins move it, I think.

Year 8 Day 288 18:45
Ignore Talon. He's talking out of his rear end, hopefully through ignorance.

It is indeed unplaced, although there weren't supposed to be any 502 assets left. The only way I know of it to be in that situation is if it was aboard an entity that was deleted.

Giving the ID of the Bayo would probably speed up getting this moved for you.


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Year 8 Day 288 19:00
Alina Diggins
Alina Diggins

Id of bayo^^


Khan placed it, thanks all :) plz close

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