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Year 8 Day 293 19:55

Please help me, i have reciently joined the empire and recieved an acceptance message in my message center. it said many times in the message, that i will recieve e-mails from various leaders... that is the problem.
I cannot recieve any e-mails form a sender that i do not have an address for in my address book. How am i suposed to do anything if i cannot recieve any e-mails from ANY impeial leaders? all i need is some e-mail addresses that i will need to recieve their e-mails. mabie the ones that i would need the most.
please, if i am seaking this information in the wrong place for these questions, tell me how i can get some answers. what am i to do?

Year 8 Day 293 20:44
You would need to ask on their forums or in their IRC channel or send them a Darkness message. We can't help you with that.

You really may want to consider setting a preferred e-mail address that doesn't have such restrictions, though, like some Hotmail address just for the Combine.

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