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Year 8 Day 294 13:29

How do i make it so that i only recieve messages to my message center within the combine, and not to my personal e-mail? even for passwords?

Year 8 Day 294 13:36
Under Contact Information in your Account Settings you can specify whether just to send messages to Darkness, to mail, or to both.

For the Lost Password feature, the new password will be sent to whatever e-mail address you have set in your Account Settings. This is because if you cannot log in and need to have a new password generated, there is no way for you to receive it in game since you can't access your in-game messages without logging in.

Edited By: Syn on Year 8 Day 294 13:37
Year 8 Day 294 14:55
And if you do not want any emails set to that address, you can add a contact address that can be any email you have access to you (no restrictions at all)



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Year 8 Day 294 18:10

OK, but can you have your messages sent to a free e-mail address? I am well aware that you cannot regester with one. (for some reason)

Year 8 Day 294 19:24
Yes, you just enter a preferred e-mail address in your Account Settings. It can be a free e-mail. That is where your messages (if set to Mail or Both option) and any Lost Password requests are sent.

Year 8 Day 294 20:19

Thanks for the help guys. you guys are great! by the way syn, where did you find that pic for yourself? it makes ya look cool.

Year 8 Day 294 20:27
I don't know which you mean as my avatar and sig switch to different images each time you refresh, but generally from all sorts of places. I didn't make them myself, only re-colored, cropped, and resized.