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Year 8 Day 297 9:49
Argon Arkanus
Argon Arkanus
I have problem with my account in Banner Exch. System.Few months ago, maybe a year Ive created account and tired added site but there was a problem with admin about site style [to dark and gothic like].

Now I have a new based on my character but I can't login, recive lost password and others. Can you help me?

Year 8 Day 297 13:01
Have you already tried e-mailing the Banner Exchange department using the e-mail address show on the Contact Us page?



Year 8 Day 299 6:55
there was a problem with admin about site style [to dark and gothic like]  

I've never rejected a banner based on its looks. If it meets the criteria, it gets accepted


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Year 8 Day 299 13:04
Argon Arkanus
Argon Arkanus
it was long time ago[about site, Ive talked then with Ranma] I sent email a few weks ago[probably 1-2 months] I have not any request.....

Year 8 Day 299 14:08
Rhyasan Kronos, the person who just replied before your last post, is the one you want to talk to.



Year 8 Day 306 1:08
Argon Arkanus
Argon Arkanus
Thanks Syn, I sent message to Rhyasan again.

Year 8 Day 310 5:30
Argon Arkanus
Argon Arkanus
Problem solved. Thank you for help.Please close

Edited By: Argon Arkanus on Year 8 Day 310 8:22