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Archives » Just started - want some help (please).
This is the first time I have done any sort of RPG (I do alot of wargaming in a local gaming community). So, please bare with me!

My main (and ultimate) problem is that I started in the Naboo help centre and went straight into the closest buildings (hangers, landing pads). But then I realised something - there are no ships to board or buy in the hanger, there are no droids and there aren't any type of things to interact with. Everything is empty!

I wondered if it is just like that on my computer?

Please reply soon...

...Mhel Ebdar.

Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
The majority of interaction in the game is done through three main mediums:

1. These forums, just go to RPG Centre
2. Faction forums on their respective websites
3. On IRC through both public and faction channels.

As a new player it is usually advisable that you join a faction to give you a start in the game. The faction you join should allocate yourself a ship to use for the tasks that they request you to do as well as provide a monthly wage for you.

After you have been playing for a short time and made some credits you may be able to buy yourself a ship/vehicle of your own to give you a bit of lee way to be able to buy your own goods.

You can buy goods at several locations. Most NPC homeworlds have an NPC shop where some basic items can be bought (knife,backpack, etc) or if you have a bit more money you can go to the production faction websites to buy larger equipment such as guns and droids etc.

If you wander around on the planet you are on you can interact with tutorial NPC's who will provide basic info about certain aspects of the game. If you speak to a vehicle rental NPC you can also hire a ground vehicle to allow you to explore the planet a bit but at the moment you may not have much to see from traveling. While you are on the planet, you can earn CP's through the usual method (click on the number next to CP on the information bar). Eventually you should have enough CP's to be able to exchange them for a Longprobe or similar space craft and then your good to go.

Should have explained what CP means, but other that, it is good post :)

CP = Combine Points, Out of Character (OOC) points that you gain by helping the Combine. Either by donating real life money or time or by helping advertising the game by clicking on the voting buttons.

Also interact with email and instant messenger systems, this is why it is called the Combine. For it combines as aspects of the internet into one games (that currently is being programmed, or not finished or not all functions work yet)



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Missah think you guys help alot.

Mhel Ebdar thanketh thee!