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Archives » Giving stuff to dead people.
Year 8 Day 297 13:20
Luke Beach
Luke Beach
I died around 2 weeks ago, and then some one
bought one of my CP listings. He sent me the money
and now it counts as I have the money. Is this
susposed to happen? Also can some on step in and
give him his credits back (moderator maybe)?

Year 8 Day 297 13:31
It is intentional; it is not supposed to be possible to find out whether someone is dead or alive through credit transactions and as a result nothing prevents someone from sending credits to the deceased.



Year 8 Day 298 10:10
Lance Hawke
Lance Hawke
That's why communication is important. They should have contacted you. Thier fault, so don't feel bad.

Year 8 Day 300 10:22

A dead person can't communicate. They can't reply to their DMs and I don't think they can see them. So there would be no way to avoid this. I hate to hear that Luke died, he seemed like a good trader in my dealings with him.

Year 8 Day 300 10:44
Dead people can't communicate. Exactly. And if I have to give away things I tell them in advance. And just after I've gotten a response I make over the stuff.

And especially when buying: don't send first or use a reputable middle. (Else bear the consequences.)


Year 8 Day 300 12:07
Dead people can e-mail, or ask someone to let the buyer know.



Year 8 Day 300 15:11
Luke Beach
Luke Beach
Thanks for all of the replys. Im going to
respawn here in about 3 days so Im going
to go and plan my return.

Mr. Guest/Visitor what's your handle btw, if
you don't want to post it you can dm me it
I can still recive dms, just not send them.

Year 8 Day 300 18:47
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
It was me :), I couldn't log in earlier due to a bug :)