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Year 8 Day 299 21:56
Zorva Sobek
Zorva Sobek
I'm trying to alter the tax level of a planet, and can't seem to do so. According to the rules:

To change the Tax Level, a character with level-1 in the "managefactionCredits" privilege must be in the command room of a Government House or Palace facility owned by his faction. He must be the operator or supervisor of the facility and his faction must naturally be the local government of the planet.

All of this is true; I have finance 1 privs, am operator of the Government house, etc, and the tax level hasn't been changed in the last 35 days.

When I click 'Alter Tax Rate' in the Actions menu of Building Management, it gives me the drop-down menu of the percentages, but when I pick one and click 'Change' it just resets that part of the window without changing it.

So am I missing something here, is there a rule change I don't know about, or is it a bug?


Screwed by Administrators who run the game with secret rules.
Year 8 Day 300 8:35
Ceya Jaytee
Ceya Jaytee
It seems all Admin are on "vacation" or something....

I think BlastTech has the same issue
It might be related to the last sync of the servers when Finance lvl 1 priv was introduced as needed for Tax Level change.
but it seems its not working at all.

Year 8 Day 300 8:37
I hope, it will correct up to the end of month)

Year 8 Day 300 12:07
Please report this in the bug base if you have not already done so, to ensure that it is not overlooked.



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Year 8 Day 300 13:10
Zorva Sobek
Zorva Sobek


Screwed by Administrators who run the game with secret rules.