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Year 8 Day 300 14:51
Hawky Nester
Hawky Nester
Many ships have Escape pods installed in them, of course i know that is not implemented but bi *The Guide* they should be

So the question is to the admins - in the future when THESE escape pods will be implemented , will the owner of the ship be able to put some cargo into the escape pods without using it , or even *put* some NPC in the Pod?

Well personally i think it should be possible, because it is quite a realistic thing to do, to prepare like that IMHO.

Year 8 Day 300 17:31
Since they are not implemented, it is not known how specifically they will work.


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Year 8 Day 301 10:53
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
Most likely it will take your character + members of your party and put them into the escape pod. If there are more people in your party than the pod can hold, then it will most likely either pick PCs > NPCs or it will randomly select people to leave behind. It could always tell you that you have too many people too and force you to reduce your party size before getting in one.


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Year 9 Day 145 10:53
Kae Ho
Kae Ho
Hey I have a question like similar to this. Pretend I buy a new ship or spawn one from CP do they come with escape pods? Also how do escape pods work now?


Year 9 Day 145 11:17
They don't, because they're still not implemented.

Year 9 Day 145 16:51
Currently it is assumed that ships come with escape pods.


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