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Year 8 Day 301 8:07
Gensein Malakar
Gensein Malakar
How do I paste a picture in my post, like my faction badge, another picture of my character, etc.
Do I use my signiture?

Year 8 Day 301 8:16
Have a look at this page:
There you are able to alter your settings.


Year 8 Day 301 8:17
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
When posting there is a box which says what BBCode tags are available.

To insert an image use the img command from the list. Just replace the part which says image.jpg with the full address of where your image/logo is on the internet.

Year 8 Day 301 8:45
Actually, there is only one bbCode available (
), for the remaining things please use the HTML tags that are next to the textarea where you write your post. If you want to include images in your signature, please use the same HTML tags.


Year 8 Day 301 22:12
Gensein Malakar
Gensein Malakar
As you can see here, (below) that I tried to post it in my signiture, but it wont display the picture. why is that? do I have to display as an http or somthing elce?

Year 8 Day 302 0:25
At the moment you have this:
<img />
\" the empire always treats its citizens fairly... unless they dissagree!\"

That hasn't got a URL in it, and it's not a proper HTML tag. If you want an image to display, use the Image tag shown to the right of the textbox when you make a new post here. It should look like this:

<img src="http://www.yoursite.com/image.jpg" />