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Year 8 Day 306 4:52
Kyp Zorg
Kyp Zorg
I have been arrested for three weeks exactly so i should be able to drop my character but when i click on the link it takes me to a page that says: You do not have access to view this page.

What should i do?

Screen shots:
Screen With Drop Character Link
Screen after i click Drop Character
Proof it has been three weeks

Edited By: Kyp Zorg on Year 8 Day 306 6:47
Year 8 Day 306 5:53
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
I'm in a similar situation as you but not reached 3 weeks yet. My advice would be to just wait another day as there may still be a few hours to go before it becomes active.

Year 8 Day 306 7:07
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
If you are sure it has been over three weeks it is best to post in the bug base.

Year 8 Day 306 7:16
Kyp Zorg
Kyp Zorg
Bug base?

EDIT: I have no idea how to use it/ where to post my problem.

Edited By: Kyp Zorg on Year 8 Day 306 18:42
Year 8 Day 306 7:38
Lesley, There's an Edit Button for a Reason.


Year 8 Day 306 21:05
Re: Edit

You need to create an existing account, then post a new bug detailing your problem and a developer will take care of it as soon as possible. The developers tend to use the bug base far more than they ever check this forum, so that is likely the fastest way.

For a temporary fix you can also try mailing, but no guarantee on how quickly that will accomplish anything.



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