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Year 8 Day 307 12:01
Meari Astradia
Meari Astradia
hi, well i have been on swcombine for approximately 35+ days now. I was encouraged by a friend to join and currently he is gone has been for last 35 days. He made me a pilot and i learned to fly and finally how to land and disembark from airship...here is the good news...i decided to walk around and try to find a city after landing thinking i would be really careful well found no city and lost my airship so i hve accumulated over 700xp and am wandering the planet of Naboo. ground position versus surface position makes no sense to me, i have been accumulating cp but still have no clue where my ship is or where there is a city or anything. need some help please this is getting nowhere thanks.

Year 8 Day 307 12:25
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
Okay first thing i'll do is explain the position system to you.

The top left corner square is 0,0. If you move to the right the first number increases by 1, moving left decreases it by 1. If you move down the second number increases by 1 and obviously decreases if you head up. This is the same for both the atmospheric map and the surface maps. The galactic map has 0,0 in the centre of it.

Cities are given a position based on the atmospheric map which can also be viewed when walking by selecting travel > planet. you just travel to the edge of a city to be able to move to an adjacent terrain square.

This should hopefully help you be able to navigate back to your ship so all we need to do is find your ship for you.

To find your ship select personal ships from the navigation pane on the right and then select piloted ships. Your ship should be listed there along with its position.

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Year 8 Day 308 13:10
Meari Astradia
Meari Astradia
thank you so much. :) I will let yu know if i actually find my ship but I did get the coordinates where you said they would be. thanks again

Year 8 Day 313 14:15
Meari Astradia
Meari Astradia
thank you very much i found my ship and am on it again. now...another question how do i find a city on a particular planet. thanks :)

Year 8 Day 313 14:43
The rules page has a handy Galaxy Map and even a search feature for the same. You can search for the specific planet, which has it's own page with a map of the planet's surface including all visible cities.


Year 8 Day 320 7:41
Meari Astradia
Meari Astradia
Found my ship thanks for the instructions but still not having any luck locating cities on planet Naboo. went to rules page.... not clear at all or i am really dense lol. so if anyone would like to try again and maybe more steps in instructions i would appreciate it.

Year 8 Day 320 8:23
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
To find a city on a particular planet then you can check for how many cities are on a planet by looking at the planets stats page. The one for Naboo is here.

If you look at the map at the bottom of the page you will see an assortment of icons. If you move the mouse over the icon, a tooltip will pop up saying about the type of terrain or the name of the city and if it is powered or not, for example the city at 1,0 has the description of forest terrain with the city Keren North West (Powered). The greyish slabs for example the one at 5,1 represent the foundations for a city which doesnt actually have anything built on it yet, but they too will have names.

Year 8 Day 320 15:59
Xortyph LoKebo
Xortyph LoKebo
Lesley that is great help. Good job, have a beverage of your choice and charge it to my tab.


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