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Year 8 Day 308 6:17
Jembal Bakil
Jembal Bakil
what is donating by phone, is it where I call and you get the money off it? well 50%, Im basicly using Credit/contract money from my call to support you is that right? ( not angry just need to sort this out)

Year 8 Day 308 15:23
The money is charged to your phone bill.



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Year 8 Day 309 2:29
Jembal Bakil
Jembal Bakil
I thought so so will I talk to anywon or somthing could you talk me through it please ( not used to all this)

Year 8 Day 309 12:35
Jembal Bakil
Jembal Bakil
I tried it and it wont work it says i got the rong number whats going on?

Year 8 Day 310 13:30
1/ Make sure you live in a country listed for that system.

2/ Insert the value your ready to donate (between 1 and 10 dollars)

3/ You will get an ID number, and a phone number. Call that phone number and you will be asked to provide the ID. Stay in line until the voice tells you to pick off the phone.

4/ That's it.


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