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Year 8 Day 310 20:16
How do I enter a building after wandering around the city?


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Year 8 Day 310 20:24
Some buildings are setup to only allow those who are on the crewlist to enter them. If you can't get into a particular building that may be the reason.

Year 8 Day 310 20:47
Unless you want to buy NPCs, you don't need to enter buildings at this point. If you are on your race starting planet, you should be able to find a Shop in which you can purchase some weapons or small items, and the shops are set to allow everyone access.

Beyond that, it is best just to join a faction right away so they can provide you with a ship to use so you can leave the planet. There isn't much for new players to do on planets at this time.



Year 8 Day 310 20:49
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Position -> Travel -> Enter

Then a list of possible facilities/ships/vehicles appears and you press enter on it.

Year 8 Day 311 11:05
Thanks everyone! :)


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