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Year 8 Day 314 21:10
My question is about this formula from the guide about how long it takes to prospect for raw materials:

Time Taken for Prospecting = {[( 24 / (Total Sensors/(120 - NPC))^0.1) - LOG(Comp + 2)((Comp + NPC + 1) * Total Sensors)] / LOG10(Speed + 1)} / 1.2
NPC: Total NPC working helping with the Prospecting
Total Sensors: Sensors of Vehicle or Item scanning
Comp Op: Computer Operation Skill of scanner
Speed: Speed of Vehicle or PC


If I am interpreting and calculating this correctly, this means that time to prospect will go up as your Comp Ops skill goes up. Is that correct? That doesn't really make sense to me. It makes sense that it would be faster using Groundhogs, which have more sensors, than FK-7s, and it makes sense that the more vehicles you have the faster it will go. But, why does it take longer the more skilled you are?

Am I missing something here?

Below are the prospecting times that the formula would predict. I have assumed that the actual prospecting times are rounded down to the nearest half-hour (and the "estimated prospecting time" you see just before you begin prospecting is rounded down to the nearest hour). For example, when I prospect, the estimated time displayed says 8 hours, my actual time is 8.5 hours, and the formula would predict 8.67 hours.

Predicted FK-7 Airspeeder Prospecting Times


Predicted SX-65 Groundhog Prospecting Times


I'm guessing that any typical prospector will have a skill of 3 or better, so the time differences for any number of vehicles are not going to vary more than a half-hour at most. Big deal. But, look at those guys with 0 skill! According to the formula, someone with a 0 Comp Op skill with a fleet of 12 Groundhogs can prospect in half the time it takes someone with a 5 Comp Op skill and 12 Groundhogs (3.5 hours! compared to 7). Of course, the 0 Comp Op person has about half as much chance to actually find deposits, but still, the time thing seems a bit weird to me.

Below are graphs of the how easy it is to find deposits. What is displayed is the modifier that is multiplied by the terrain modifier to find the actual % chance, the part of the equation that equals 1 + Total Sensors^(Comp Op/30+0.05).

Predicted FK-7 Airspeeder Discovery Modifiers


Predicted SX-65 Groundhog Discovery Modifiers



Year 8 Day 315 6:45
Ashla Ta
Ashla Ta
The way I think of it is this:

If you did not know what you were doing, say Comp Ops Lvl 0 then it would be like: "Oh, lets look under that rock . . . I can't find a damned thing.

However if you were really good like me then you would be like: "Oh, lets look under that rock . . . okay there is nothing there so let's prospect in a pattarn that is most likely to find RMs.

You dig? (LMAO)

Year 8 Day 317 4:05
Hjrool Ohr
Hjrool Ohr

We can also, and in a more logical way, interprete things by:

Level 0 CompOP Prospector: "Where i may start, ok there, hmm so let's take the FK-7 manual, hmm ok here for start the sensor" ... after 2 hours of prospecting 2 metters "Darn there is nothing here, prospecting is a real crap!"

Level 5 CompOp Prospector: "Ok all system launched, right! I can see some [include whatever rock sort here] on the surface; no need to loose my time like on [include many previous past planet alraedy scanned] , there"s to low chances of something valuable; but there ..."

And so one.

Experience, like everyone know, faster any work process.
Just interpreting how the rules are actually is not the way to help improve the game.

My 2 credits.


Year 8 Day 317 17:12
That's fine, except that the description for the Computer Operations skill specifically says that it contributes to reduce prospecting time, whereas the formula says otherwise. Like I said, it's not a huge issue, and the time difference for any prospector is not going to vary that much anyways. But, I was just trying to sort out which was correct, the formula as written in the guide or the statement that the Comp Ops skill reduces prospecting time.


Year 8 Day 317 21:29
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Then you may need to go to the rules forum and request that the rules be updated to show what really happens.