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Year 8 Day 317 11:49

...ok the email i sent you was a PAID email for my WEBSITE i dont have admin @mydomain.. its for site purposes.. i waited..all night..intill 4-5 am..seeing if i get accepted.. and no?..come on..i didnt pay for the site for nothing..and i dont get why you cant have free emails?..have the people want to join use hotmail or yahoo.. but no..i used a paid email service..and still no accept? come on ..please let me join... unless...i could get that admin@domain..thing if thats what you want..

Year 8 Day 317 12:46
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
The reason we require the admin@ or webmaster@ is so that no one can create multiple emails at that domain and create multiple characters. Believe it or not but it is a problem. By requiring you to have a paid email, it seriously hinders those trying to bypass the rules and create multiple characters. If we allow free emails, it's almost impossible to determine who is breaking these rules.

Year 8 Day 318 1:42

im screwed then..cause i cant change the name to admin or webmaster..and thats me.. and no one has access to it.. i would like to play.. cant you accept me? ...i only have 1 email..and i cant give it out to others..

Year 8 Day 318 1:46
You said at the end of your first post that you can get admin@domain. Without that, as Tidus pointed out, we have no way of knowing that you are the domain owner, so there is no choice but to use the webmaster or admin e-mail address if you want to register with a private domain e-mail address.

If that does not work for you, you are always welcome to use an ISP, school, or work e-mail address. You only need that e-mail address for registration; once you have logged in you can set a free Preferred e-mail address that will be used for password requests subsequently. However, the registered e-mail address cannot be reused.