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Year 8 Day 320 1:19
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
Is it intentional that arresting somebody can remove them from the game for just under six weeks?

Just asking as I was arrested for 2 weeks 6 days and a few hours before being executed. Now I have a 3 week respawn wait.

If it is intentional then I will respect that although it does seem a bit harsh especially as in under 24 hours I could have had a one week wait through the 'Drop Character' option.

Year 8 Day 320 8:35
depends on what you mean with intentional. It is coded like this.

since I am sort of involved in this situation I can say it was not done on purpose. Your death was held off for some time in an attempt to find another solution for this specific situation you were involved in. Was not aware it was that close to that time. Personally I would have no big problem if it was changed to one week in this case atleast.

Also think there is a discussion somewhere on the forums relating to this and an attempt to find a way to solve it in a better way.

Edited By: Tyr DeMeer on Year 8 Day 320 11:45

Year 8 Day 320 12:57
No matter where you draw the line, there will still be a problem, whether it is at 2w 6d, 2w 5d, etc. It is always going to be a matter of 24 hours that decides whether or not it will be a 5-6 week delay..

It would need to be coded to total to 4 weeks, if that is the intention, and subtract existing time under arrest from remaining wait following execution, although that is easily exploitable as well and will likely not happen.