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Archives » Is it just me or is this game kind of....not good.
Guy Sajer
Guy Sajer
Hey gamers,

I just joined in a week or two ago, and its not like i havent given this game a real chance, but this game seems kind of empty. The NPC's have the intelligence of a dead three year old and this game is full of incomplete material. Is it still in the works, am I on an unlucky planet, does this game just suck?

I also cant find weapons, items, people, or anything in general AND getting around is such a bitch.

This game sounds like the ultimate but is it really? Do i need to find the right place and get into this game, i'm always hearing people talk about flying and loving this game...

Give me a hand or give me death...

~Guy Sajer

Aiden Cora
Aiden Cora
Well combine is a great game, with or without the flaws it has.
The traveling may take a long time, but it gives you time for what really makes combine great. The community, while your traveling try talkin to people. Like me I randomly introduce myself to people, and have made alot of friends doing that.
Also the NPC's may be dumb atm but it's not ganna be forever just wait til they're fixed or upgraded.....whatever they were doing to them....
Weapons and items aren't easy seeing as how if you buy them from someone you have to pick em up or wait for transport, so I only buy if the person or item is on the same planet, unless it's somethin I have to have.
Yeah combine's the ultimate.
and if you really want to experience the game I'd suggest you look for a faction, joining the right faction can change the way you think about the combine completely.
Hope that helps...

Both of the questions you posed are subjective and cannot be answered, nor is this a forum for the discussion of opinions. If it is not the game for you, don't play it. If you have no questions about actual game features, you do not need to post in the Problem Centre, but may wish to relocate to a general discussion forum. If you do have questions, all of the basics are answered in the Guide, which you evidently have not read.

As is stated all over, the Combine is not yet complete, so if all you want to do is fight, and don't want any opportunity to prepare your character for combat before it is released, I would advise you to take your leave until it is finished.