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Year 8 Day 321 15:51
Lance Hawke
Lance Hawke
My custom item, spawned today, is at an unknown location...buggy. I haven't left this room all day and I don't see it here. The ID is 223512. Can an admin aid me please?

Year 8 Day 321 19:41
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Alright, I've looked into this and everytime I try to move it or view it, it says it does not exist but clearly I can see it exists in the database. I'm going to remove it, refund you the CPs, and let you try again. If it happens again, you will need to report it to the bug base.

Year 8 Day 322 11:53
For the record, same thing happened with the last "Eidola Protection T-Shirt" I created, I have a bunch of CPs so don't really care if you refund them - but yeah, it's a repeating problem.


Year 8 Day 322 13:28
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Can you make a report, or have you?

Also, what's the ID # so I can see if it's doing the same thing.

Edited By: Tidus Tia on Year 8 Day 322 13:29
Year 8 Day 328 19:08
Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
There was a problem in making the location of the entity in the entityLocation table. It won't let you move it usually without that information Tidus. If this happens again prod me and I'll dig around the code.