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Year 8 Day 330 0:08
I think I have a bug that has to do with my personal ship not appearing on the screen. here is the information on the ship, a cut and paste from my manage ships section.

Myrmidon (ID# 120584)
Class: Fighter

Owner: Jonas Laceeus
Commander: Jonas Laceeus
Pilot: Jonas Laceeus
Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe

Sector: --
Galactic Position: (148, 99)
System Position: (19, 0)

As you can see there is no sector location, and it should say Hapes Cluster I believe. I have scanned the area. traveled to the exact spot several times and come up with nothing. I am in this exact spot currently in the Abaem system at
(19, 0).It is also showing it is not docked or traveling anywhere. It would be greatly appreciated if you can help me with this problem. Thank you. Jonas Laceeus


Semper Fidelis
Year 8 Day 330 1:27
There was a problem with the location stored for the ship. It should be fixed now and you will find it at its noted coordinates.


Year 8 Day 330 2:43
thank you so much.


Semper Fidelis