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Year 8 Day 335 8:20

Please can you help!

Handle: Marik Albrothan
Email: jharrington@ainonline.com

I am using my girlfriends work email as I do not have a pay email address. We do not have an address from our ISP (Verizon) and my work email is only available when I'm at work (I work on ships and am currently on leave). The above email is from her job as a magazine Editor. I waited for four days before receiving the 'invalid email address' message.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Year 8 Day 335 8:28
Lesley Aspey
Lesley Aspey
This would most likely be because you are using an email from an apparently private domain which isn't an administrator account and so opens itself up to multis.

To me the easiest solution would be to reregister using your work email account (when you can get back to it) to get the password and then change th email account that you use to receive combine messages.

Year 8 Day 335 9:08

Thanks for the advice but unfortunately (or fortunately!) I won't be back to work until January and when I do go back I won't have the internet (apart from emails) for four months! I thought that I could use her work email and still be within guidelines of the site - is it because it is in her name and not mine?

Year 8 Day 335 11:53
I am not sure how valid work emails are determined by the people who do join requests. The email you received should be more specific than that in telling you what was wrong with the address you used.

I do know, however, that people have successfully signed up with Verizon ISP emails before. Perhaps see if you're not mistaken about their not providing them?

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