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Archives » Question regarding Civilisation Level
Taken from the rules:

2.1/ Civilisation Level (CL)« Back To TopEquations

CL = (Sum of all Facilities x surface ) / (Planet Surface in squares)
0 < CL < 1
The CL is always positive and smaller than one. It is a way to characterize the level of development of a planet. A CL equals to 1 would mean you have built facilities on every single square of the planet.

Now mathematics, particularly calculus and differential equations, was my favourite subject back in my youth however I'm a little uncertain about how the above equation works.

Planet Surface in squares: Does that include the unused squares of each planetary block? So in other words say you have a 2x2 asteroid. Each square contains a 22x22 array of which one only builds on a 20x20 array. What gets counted in the total planet surface? Using my asteroid example is the denominator defined thusly? 4x(20x20) or 4x(22x22)

Say you have 50 facilities taking up 200 squares. (50x200)/(1936)=5.17 a number clearly not 0

Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
I believe that (Sum of all Facilities x surface ) is meant to be (sum of all Facilities' surface), which would give your example a CL of 0,517 or 52%. I'd say bug base it. The rules shouldn't be that unclear on what's meant.


Thanks for the reply that makes sense to me.

Now the question remains what is the Planet surface in squares? Is it the entire 22x22 city square array or just the usable 20x20 array?

Just the usable squares.