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Archives » GNS Flashnews - Episode II
Year 8 Day 341 19:23
Last time I posed a question, I got shot down. Let me try and rephrase. All I'm trying to do is understand some of the inner workings around here.

1) Is the information on GNS Flashnews automated? The reason I ask is it seems like an event occurs stating one thing and then another event occurs contradicting the previous event. I'm trying to figure out what the relevant information contained in Flashnews is and what causes the flip-flopping.

Year 8 Day 341 19:24
Isabella D`Este
Isabella D`Este
Yes, the GNS is automated.

Year 8 Day 341 19:51
Is there anywhere I can look to find out why certain events have occurred and what caused them?

Year 8 Day 341 20:44
Isabella D`Este
Isabella D`Este
Not really.

Although many of them were just because flats in a planet changed hands.

Year 8 Day 341 21:25
With regards to the Leader changes (as I seem to recall from your previous thread) it's because someone decided to change the leader of the faction. People often do this to transfer to another faction they own, perform some action requiring privileges, and then switch back to their original faction.

Or they play musical leaders to get certain people in certain positions.


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Year 8 Day 341 21:36
Thanks for the info. :-)