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Year 8 Day 343 10:00
Oltekos Slomuul
Oltekos Slomuul
Hi. I hope your able to answer a few of these questions for me:

Your character has currently no position.
-This is what the webpage reads when I click "Select a starting location", as well as when I click "Position"

Please select a starting location in the travel section.
-I don't have a travel section, nor a Travel Button in the middle of the webpage, as listed in the FAQ.

If you are joining a faction, you may choose to start in their HQ by joining them first.
-I have joined a faction, yet did not receive this option.

The graphic on the webpage is as follows:
-Top right corner: Passenger Section

Center of page, left of text abve:
-This lists terrain, speed, armor, weight, etc.

I have the graphic for the "Passenger Section" & the "Terrain Restrictions", but that's all on the webpage, no other graphics. I have read the FAQ, as well as all the New Member Posts, but to no avail.

I will appreciate any assistance given. Thanks!

Year 8 Day 343 10:03
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
After you have clicked 'select a starting position' you should see a list of starting locations at the bottom of the page. If you are freelance there will most likely be only one option, if you have joined a faction you will have many more choices. You will need to click on one of those to be able to start. This will then give you a position.

Year 8 Day 343 14:20
When you click "Select a Starting Location" and receive that message, scroll down farther. The panel in the lower half of the page is the Travel section (and can be accessed via Position -> Travel as well).

It will display your racial HQ beside a "start here" button, and your faction HQ will be listed as well if your faction has one available for you to start at (not all do).



Year 8 Day 348 13:49
Oltekos Slomuul
Oltekos Slomuul
Thanks to both Ka'rla Leaky & to Syn; I didn't have Java updated, & that ended up being the issue. Thanks again you two, for all your helpful assistance!!