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Archives » Problem with items sent to somebody else
I send few items to my friend, but they are still assigned to me and it seems he can't use them. What is wrong?

Item assignment is based upon who is holding - or last held - the items. Making them over to your friend does not magically transport them to him. He will have to journey to wherever it was you left them, and pick them up himself in order for them to be assigned to him. The fact that you gave him ownership means little, in practical terms.


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Thanks. So he have to go to the same spot I was or just to the city? Can somebody else pick up those items in meantime?

Seems like it was easier to give him the stuff when we met...

Yes, he needs to go to the location at which you left the items. And yes, if that happens to be out in the open or in a publicly-accessible facility, someone else can come along and pick them up. It is indeed best to give him items yourself in person to ensure that he receives them.



Thanks. I'll take the items with me and keep them until I meet my friend. Sending items thru space was suspicious from the beggining. To easy. Now all this make sense. Real life :D