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Year 8 Day 349 8:42
Aaron Corinth
Aaron Corinth
this might be a stupid question, but I have been put in control of 4 factories and I hired NPCs to be workers but it shows in the status tab to have no workers available.

How do you make it where the NPCs can work?

Year 8 Day 349 19:10
Aaron Corinth
Aaron Corinth
Ok, I have NPCs everywhere in the factory and it says that there are still no workers, I don't understand if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Year 8 Day 349 19:24
Quickly referencing the Rules suggests to me that this might be your problem:

"There must be at least one Worker NPC in the facility/station managed by the production faction managing the facility/station."

If you hired them, I'm going to guess you didn't assign the faction as Manager on them, yet.

In future, for problems specific to your role in a faction, asking your superiors in your faction is probably the best place to start. You're more likely to find they have experience in your specific issue than those of us who happen by this forum.


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Year 8 Day 350 2:04
You also have to select the NPC's via the production interface for them to be considered assigned to the factory if you haven't done that.