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Year 8 Day 354 16:57

I sent an application in to join yesterday under the name of Ralys and never seemed to received a reply. I tested the email account which was a yahoo acount and it never seemed to recieve any mail from the few test mails i sent I dumped that account and created a new hotmail account and tried again. This time i recieved a reply within an hr(must be something wrong with yahoo, maybe junkmail filters or somesuch, who knows, either way it sucks :P) but a reply that says my application has been rejected. Due to various factors. Somethign about multiaccounts. Would this be because of my first application 24 hrs ago? or am i just unlucky and seem to have the same ip address as someone who is already playing? Either way, can someone please help me by telling me what i might need to do(who i might need to contact etc) as I would like to try this game out as it looks quite good :)

And how can i check if my ip address is same as someone else who plays? How can i know that?


Year 8 Day 354 20:04
It is more likely that both of your applications were pending at the same time, so the person who did them didn't know which was the real one and declined both. You should be able to try again.

Generally you will know if someone who uses your internet connection plays SWC; it's not worth worrying about unless it becomes a problem.


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Year 8 Day 354 23:59

Well i resent in my application and got rejected again. Still something about suspicious multiaccount use? I have no idea though. Im only one that used this computer as its mine :P And i know noone is signed up to this game from my comp. I dont even know anyone who plays this game.....well ive sent a mail to the techsupport. Hopefully they will be able to give me more specifics than the generic email. Wish there was a comments section in the application so i could explain the whole diff email thing when i applied so it wasnt just rejected.

Year 8 Day 355 1:06
It's possible that your first account was actually accepted, thus all further accounts you try to make are being rejected.

You can test whether the first account was accepted by using the Lost Password feature on the front page (with the original handle and now defunct yahoo email address).

If you don't receive an error message (i.e. a message telling you that the new password was sent), please send an email with your handle, the old email address and a new email address to


Year 8 Day 355 4:38

Well i presumed you would have to click a confirmation link in an email to validate the account but since the yahoo account doesnt seem to accept emails i havent even been able to do that.

Well i tried the lost password thing but it said the email was invalid, so im guessing thats means the Yahoo one wasnt accepted, unless of course you need to validate it, which i cant do :P

Well ive sent a mail to both techsupport and multiaccount as suggested in the rejection email but have yet to hear from either of them. Will try the assistants thing too. Thanks for the advice :) *crosses fingers*

Year 8 Day 355 4:42

Well checked the Yahoo account again out of curiousity and it seems my reply finally arrived, although it must take forever for mail to get to it then since the hotmail account recieved mail not long after. Funnily enough the mail recieved was a rejection one like the rest :P How can i prove that im not multiaccounting? Im not sure how its even possible since im the only one using my comp. I think its beyond me :P

Year 8 Day 355 14:57
Ralys Yasen
Ralys Yasen
And now im all signed up :) Thanks for the help :)