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Year 8 Day 354 19:52
Is ammunition (namely power cells) loaded into a gun or carried in your other hand? The rules info lists a required hand for some, but not for others (and it has nothing to do with size, apparently).

Canonically, I'd expect them to be loaded, but at the same time I'd expect them to be much lighter and I can see how loading a 5kg power cell could make handling a weapon difficult.


Year 8 Day 354 20:04
There will, later, be an option to load ammunition of the appropriate type into a weapon, much in the same way as storing one item in another (such as a backpack). The lack of a Hand option on most of them is probably an oversight, and until they are loaded they will need to be either stored, or held in a free hand.

Until the rules are finalised and released for that feature, it's hard to be precise, or sure about exactly how it will work.


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Year 8 Day 354 20:08
Thanks. I'm mostly asking because I'm working on some custom images for them and trying to get an idea how they're supposed to look. I guess I'll just come up with something I'd find reasonable and cross my fingers.