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Archives » Technolgy history question, re: Items.
So I was reading the long thread on stun cuffs.....
(Not really discussing that here it just got me wondering...)

Curious about some of the history I havn't figured out
from reading the old posts and such....

Why isn't there technology classes ? For instance, If I were in a
more real world situation and wanted to buy a pencil, Every
country in the world is capable of making a pencil or some
writing instrument there's no restriction on it.

So it seems to me that technology layers out based on its
technical level. Items should follow that logic shouldn't they?

Any faction should be able to build common items,
Examples would be
Generic food items, small tools, non powered items,
(Knife sword etc) Basically anything a cottage industry can build.

Then move up to technology linked items, For instance things
that require a material only available in one place, or based
on a specific talent or tech that isn't available just anywhere.
(Like maybe only a Jedi can tune a light saber? ) Requires
assembly resources above cottage industry. (Small factory
for instance.)

Then move to major technology, Large factories, raw materials etc
are required and the R&D would be theoretically mutil scaled
with university, industry, government jointly providing the ability to
construct the item, the tech to build is expensive..

Oh well just wondered what the concepts were in the
original game.


Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
I guess we just have really good patents lawyers.

lol...... :)

While not what I was looking for it does represent some of the answers I've seen posted... :))