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Archives » App. Rejectyion: the IP address of an existing player

I have read and re-read the multi-account rules for the Star Wars Combine, and do not see anything wrong with my application for. The email I recieved in return was a rejection concerning a few factors, one being sharing the same IP address as another player.

First, I do not know anyone who plays this game (yet), I just found this browsing through free Star Wars online RPGs.

Secondly, I live on a college campus, could that possibly be the reason for having the same or similar IP addreses. I'm sure all the computers on this college run through the same school servers.

If this is the reason, could I find out who else on this campus plays? A. I could have a new friend, and B. Figure out a way to get through this situation, and join his/her faction if need be. *shrugs*

Thank you,

~Janaii Caden (If accepted :P)

New accounts from college/school IP addresses should be detected and approved. However, it's possible that your account was declined by mistake, so please sign up again.



I have the exact same problem. I may know a few folks because I used to chat on the WBS site waaaaay back in the day. But I found this by searching for "WBS Cantina" on WBS and finding Vodo Bonias' character sheet as the first entry. I've never played this game before and I should have a static IP because I'm on household DSL.

I guess I'll try again also.