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Year 9 Day 13 14:40
Ermine Nozual
Ermine Nozual
i looked around and didn't see any other threads like this, but i apologize if this has been asked already. i signed up for some of the free rewards about a little over a month ago. jobs.com, vault, and hot resumes.com but only ever got credit for the hot resumes. i used my sign up email (administrator@lobothesnowdog.hub.io) for all 3. i tried signing up for both of the other tow again a few min ago thinking maybe i missed a step in the process but was told that my email was already used and to log in... which i could. any help or suggestions? i'm getting email from them too btw... just remembered. thanks again and keep up the great work! :-D

Year 9 Day 13 20:16
Best bet would be to email veynom@swc with all the relevant details.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 9 Day 39 14:16
I am experiencing the same issue. I have three paid services I am useing that came right off the SWC "Reward" page. I have never seen any CPs from it. I contacted Veynom and got no response. Maybe Veynom is not in charge of this?

Year 9 Day 39 14:19
He is in charge, but sometimes those rewards take a while until they are actually sent to SWC. The only instant way to get CP rewards is by using the phone service, which isn't really very efficient.